The Vienna Energy Forum 2021 will feature the first-ever Youth Forum (Youth for VEF), hosted in partnership with the SDG7 Youth Constituency. The goals and format of the event were determined through an open co-creation process, seeking inputs from young researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs, activists, and other youth in the sustainable energy sector.

The sessions will be divided into three main categories: Plenary, Networking and Skills Academy. The Plenary Section will provide a space for contact between ministers, experts and youth representatives to discuss issues related to Future-Proof Skills and Enabling Environments in the energy space. The Networking Segment will allow for interactive, informal discussions between experts and attendees. Finally, the Skills Academy will be a learning experience, where attendees will receive practical guidelines and tips, and learn from the experiences of other representatives in the sector.

Hourly Schedule


09-00 - 09-15
Morning Meditation
09-15 - 10-20
Skills Academy: Workshop
How To Advocate for the Energy Transition
10-20 - 11-00
Meet an Expert
11-00 - 11-15
Opening Ceremony
11-15 - 11-45
Rapid Fire Quiz
11-45 - 12-50
Session I
Future-Proof Skills
12-30 - 13-30
Skills Academy Workshop II: Y20-VEF
12-50 - 13-00
Exhibition Opening
14-00 - 15-00
Youth-Policy Maker Debate
15-00 - 16-00
Skills Academy Workshop III
A peek into Energy Efficiency Policy
15-00 - 16-00
Skills Academy Workshop IV
Finance Workshop for Young Women
16-00 - 17-00
Session II
Enabling Environment
17-00 - 18-00
Virtual Tour


Jul 05 2021


9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Speakers Youth for VEF