Session II: Enabling Environment

What kind of environment enables young women and men to lead the energy transition? What are the challenges youth face in contributing in meaningful ways?

This panel discussion will focus on the commitment of youth to the energy transition and the maximization of their potential. It will explore the alignment of legislation, policies, programs, and projects to address the needs of young women and men involved in the energy transition.

The objective of this session is to enable a multi-generational dialogue between young energy professionals, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, and representatives from international organizations and the financial sector. The discussions will incorporate a holistic approach that explores the needs of women and men, and girls and boys.

Funding for youth initiatives and projects:
• How to access public and private financing mechanisms for youth-led projects? Is blended financing a solution?
• How can government-led incentives frame and support youth entrepreneurship?
• What financial incentives and grants create a fertile ground for youth to maximize their potential?
• How to include youth perspectives in policies?

Role of young women in the energy transition:
• Are young women facing different challenges to succeed in the sustainable energy sphere?
• How can the environment be conducive and gender-responsive to ensure that young women can equally lead, participate in and benefit from sustainable energy?
• Is gender-lens investment a solution?



Jul 05 2021


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm