Green meeting

Our commitment to the environment is unwavering. We believe that every small effort counts when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint. Therefore, we encourage you to consider using environmentally compatible public transport, bikes, CO2 neutral flights and green labelled hotels.

Car-free Transportation

Vienna has a very well-developed public transportation system and the Vienna Hauptbahnhof (central station) is also easily accessible from the city centre.

  1. The public transportation network of Vienna consists of buses, trams, suburban railways, and a metro system. Tickets that can be purchased online via the App WienMobil or at ticket machines at most of Wiener Linien’s metro station entrances. We recommend purchasing online ticket prior to your trip and the digital ticket can be saved in your phone for easy accesses. (No printing is needed if you purchased it online)
  2. Another option to go around the city is to rent a bike via When using this service, please watch out for your safety in Vienna’s busy traffic and for your safety, consider using a helmet during your rides.
  3. If you want to enjoy some fresh air instead of riding the metro, walks through the beautiful city of Vienna are obviously also a great option to explore the city.
  4. We highly recommend to consider taking public transport or train, however, if you must use transportation that is not climate neutral such as plane, we recommend you to look at options to offset your CO2 emissions by means of compensation payments  via


Please note, we are aiming for a green-certified event which reflects our commitment to climate change.

  1. When you are looking for a place to stay during the forum, we recommend you choose eco-labelled hotels certified by Austrian Eco-label, European Ecolabel, EMAS or others.
  2. You may request an individual list of green-certified hotels which we can recommend to you via email.
  3. Make sure to adopt green practices and please be mindful to use provided offerings of your hotel sparingly. Make use of the environmentally friendly offers of your hotel (change of towels, single use of toiletries and bed linen only if it is necessary.)
  4. We encourage you to manage water consumption, turn off all lights, electronic equipment (TV, air condition system, heating, computer etc.) when you leave the hotel room.

Event Location

  1. Hofburg Conference Centre is located in the old town in the centre of Vienna and the best way to reach it is by public transport. Trains depart every 5 minutes, with higher frequency during peak hours (2–4 minutes) and reduced service after 8:30 p.m. (7–8 minutes). How to get to Hofburg via public transport:
    Underground: U3 (orange), alight at Herrengasse, U1 (Red), alight at Stephansplatz.
    Trams: 1, 2, D and 71, alight at Burgring.
    Bus: 1A and 2A, alight at Hofburg. For more information about public transportation in Vienna, please visit the Wiener Linien website to find all the information related to the tickets and public transport lines.
  2. The venue has a waste management policy and provides appropriate trash bins in each room to separate waste. More information about waste separation can be found on the website of Austria’s digital government agency.

Waste Disposal/ other

In Vienna, each building complex has its own bins for paper, for general waste, plastic waste and organic waste.

  1. Dispose of your waste (PET, glass, paper, metal, batteries, etc.) via the separate collection systems provided at the hotel and at the event venue.
  2. For environmental protection, choose reusable products and use degradable materials. We do not encourage using bags made of plastic or other non-recyclable materials.
  3. If possible, use online registration and/or digital materials instead of paper copies / handouts.
  4. If you absolutely need to print, we kindly ask you to print on environmentally friendly and recyclable paper.
  5. Do not produce more than is needed to avoid waste. Pay attention to waste separation.
  6. For recycling questions concerning food and beverages, please contact directly the catering partner on site.