Virtual Tour

This interactive segment will take attendees on a live, virtual tour to energy transition projects around the world, focusing on Biomass, Bio-fuel, Electric Mobility, Solar Energy, and Wind Energy.

Hourly Schedule

Virtual Tour

17-00 - 18-00
Leveraging the Potential of Digitalization for a Green and Climate Resilient Economy
This virtual tour will take you on a journey to discover about artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and their future role. During the tour we will present technologies and business models and discuss the role of youth and the future industrial skills needed in adopting 4IR.
17-00 - 18-00
Biomass Energy in Albania
This virtual tour will take you on a journey to understand how climate-friendly, biomass energy from olive oil can be used in SMEs in Albania.
17-00 - 18-00
Bloom: Promoting Cleantech Entrepreneurship in Barbados
This virtual tour will take you on a journey to discover three local renewable energy start-ups in the area of waste energy, recycling and app development. The entrepreneurs are all part of the incubation project bloom – Barbados cleantech cluster cofounded by UNIDO and the Barbados government.
17-00 - 18-00
Energy Efficient Buildings in Vienna: MGG-22 Residential Complex
This virtual tour, organized by the city of Vienna, will allow you to discover highly efficient residential buildings powered by renewable energies in Vienna, the capital of Austria. It shows how we can create affordable and sustainable living spaces instead of cheap housing.
17-00 - 18-00
South-South Technology Transfer: How Ethanol Production from Cassava can reduce emissions in Asia
This virtual tour will take you on a journey to discover an innovative technology solution from Thailand to produce ethanol from fresh root cassava. This innovative technology helps to cut down CO2 emissions from the transport sector in CLMV countries.
17-00 - 18-00
Trekkscooters MicroMobility in Nigeria
This virtual tour will take you on a journey to Nigeria and introduce an e-mobility project from Nigeria showcasing electric scooters and share lessons on how these can be used in Nigerian communities.
17-00 - 18-00
Powering the world with Wind Energy
This virtual tour will take you on a journey to discover the inside of a Nordex wind turbine. Participants have the opportunity to learn about the basic concept of wind turbine technology and how wind can be transformed into electricity.
17-00 - 18-00
Clean Oceans thought Clean Communities (CLOCC)
The Virtual Tours will take the participants to sustainable energy projects around the world. The aim is to showcase, in action, the technologies that drive the energy transition. This is an interactive segment that not only takes attendees on a virtual excursion to the project sites, but will also allow them to meet experts, practitioners and those driving the projects on the ground


Jul 05 2021


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Kreitmayer Youth for VEF MGG22
CLOCC Vienna Energy Forum 2021
VEF 2021 PPP Bio-energy in Albania July 2021 Presentation


CLOCC Vienna Energy Forum 2021 Video pesentation
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'BLOOM in BIM' Barbados Cleantech Cluster Video
Biomass energy for the Albanian olive oil sector video