Presenting the Policy Toolbox for Green Hydrogen in Developing Countries (UNIDO)

Green hydrogen holds a significant role in decarbonizing established industries and fostering new green industrialization in developing nations with favourable conditions for green hydrogen production. This clean energy source contributes to sustainable development. To maximize local benefits in regions of the Global South rich in renewable energy resources, it is crucial to establish a local green hydrogen value chain.

This workshop aims to equip policymakers with the necessary insights and tools for promoting domestic green industrialization driven by green hydrogen. It will attempt to address solutions for advancing both green industrialization and sustainable energy value chains.

During this workshop or panel discussion, the publication titled “Green Hydrogen in Developing Countries: A Policy Toolbox,” is a collaborative effort involving UNIDO, IRENA, and IDOS. The co-authors will present their respective contributions and viewpoints from the toolkit. Following that, one or two country representatives will share their specific cases and outline the primary challenges encountered in establishing a green hydrogen value chain.

The ensuing interactive discussion will delve into questions and insights, either posed by the presenters or by the audience.


Nov 03 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm