Ms. Sandeep Tandon

Country Programme Manager, Facility for Low Carbon Technology Deployment


Sandeep Tandon,  leads the UNIDO project “Facility for Low Carbon Technology Deployment” which is providing support identify over 100 startups with innovative low-carbon technologies for application in the industrial and commercial sectors. He is associated with the UNIDO since 2013 and has led various assignment including a study on Sustainable Energy for All, and Global Cleantech Innovation Programme.

He has over 34 years professional experience in the Energy sector and has been leading projects related to “Climate Change Mitigation” for over 26 years, focusing on “Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency” applications across various sectors of the economy. He has led large projects on Climate Change mitigation and has worked with bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies such as USAID, UNDP and consulting firms.

He has provided advisory and programme implementation support to Energy Efficiency projects in India, Mongolia, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.

He holds Master’s degree in Energy Studies from IIT Delhi INDIA.