HLP V: The Pioneering Role of Innovative Technologies

This session will look at the role and potential opportunities and challenges of innovative technologies in
achieving the transformation required to implement the SDGs and the climate agenda. Its focus will be
on the pioneering role of innovative technologies for the transition required to achieve affordable,
reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all, as well as the opportunities those technologies create
beyond the energy sector in support of other SDGs and the climate agenda.

Technological innovation is a central piece of sustainable energy development. Relentless efforts to
develop and improve efficient technologies with lower costs and reduced environmental impact have
spurred the deployment of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies across the globe. They
can enable critical access to modern energy services and improve the efficiency of the existing energy

Particularly in developing countries, the transition towards low-carbon energy must take place at the
lowest possible cost. At the same time, being an active part of the innovation wave would be beneficial
for the developing world. In this context, in some cases, frugal innovations, which are driven by demand,
imitation and low-cost competition in emerging markets could support progress on providing access to
affordable, clean energy for low-income and middle-income populations.

docum: “Electric Injera Mitad Energy Efficiency Standards & Labeling, Challenges and Prospects , Session Summary


May 12 2017


10:00 am - 11:15 am