Executive Dialogue – The Climate Imperative: Spotlight on Small Island Developing States

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are faced with a unique set of challenges in the context of climate change. Given their isolation and exposure to severe climate events, energy security and climate resilience are crucial for their sustainable economic development. Hence, the Closing Session will place the ‘Spotlight on Small Island Developing States’, by exploring the possibilities for developing ‘Resilient Networks’ and capitalizing on sustainable energy options within a ‘Blue Economy’.
The Closing Session will place a ‘Spotlight on Small Island Developing States’ and focus on approaches to strengthen cooperation to support these countries in accessing the technical capacity, funding, and technology for the promotion of a “Blue Economy”. The Blue Economy concept seeks to promote economic growth, social inclusion, and the preservation or enhancement of livelihoods while ensuring environmental sustainability of the oceans, coastal areas, and global climate. Participants will draw upon best practice examples to highlight effective approaches to cooperation, collaborative frameworks, and knowledge sharing.
The expansion of offshore renewables and ocean energy to improve energy security in SIDS must be coupled with efforts to improve climate resilience to ensure sustainable economic growth. The ability to harness the vast renewable energy potential of SIDS will depend on flexible, secure, and reliable grids with sufficient energy storage capacity. Roundtable 1 on ‘Resilient Networks’ will discuss the importance of integrated solutions to decentralization, digitalization and energy storage that are tailored to the particular needs of SIDS.
SIDS are currently faced with a unique opportunity to capitalize on energy as a driver to diversify local economies, create new income streams, reduce fuel import dependencies, and support local COVID-19 recovery efforts. Roundtable 2 on the ‘Blue Economy’ will discuss the opportunities presented by the roll-out of blue sustainable energy and climate technologies. This roundtable will further explore how to improve access to technology and finance, and discuss innovative approaches to capacity building in the areas of knowledge, awareness raising, policy, and entrepreneurship.

Hourly Schedule

15.40 - 16.25
Roundtable I - Resilient Networks.
16.25 - 17.10
Roundtable II - The Blue Economy.


Jul 07 2021


3:40 pm - 5:10 pm
Speakers VEF 2021 Day 2