Executive Dialogue – Re-imagining our Energy Systems

The Climate Emergency is fundamentally an energy challenge. This Executive Dialogue on ‘Re-imagining Our Energy Systems’ will explore the challenge of accelerating global power system decarbonization whilst expanding grids to meet rising electricity demand, driven by increasing electrification, population growth, climate change, inequality and economic development.
As part of affordable, sustainable, reliable, and modern energy for all, SDG 7 calls for a substantial increase in renewables in the global energy mix. Auctions represent a key tool that can be used to unlock lowest-cost renewables, provide transparent price signals, and drive the clean energy transition. Roundtable 1 on ‘Renewable Capital’ will explore the design flexibility offered by renewables auctions, drawing on case studies in which innovative approaches have been used to maximize the socio-economic benefit of renewables, achieving outcomes such as education and training, job creation, gender equality, and community participation.
Roundtable 2 on ‘Green Grids’ will discuss how the ambition to build a smart grid and interconnected grid infrastructure can drive a renewable energy revolution. Panelists will discuss the importance of political will, complemented by standards and knowledge sharing in building a strong business case for transnational power markets. Drawing on their experiences, participants will highlight key transmission routes that could bring immediate benefits, and their vision in making Green Grids a solution to alleviate energy poverty and enhance energy security.

Hourly Schedule

9.10 - 9.55
Roundtable I - Renewable Capital.
9.55 - 10.40
Roundtable II - Green Grids.


Jul 07 2021


9:10 am - 10:40 am
Speakers VEF 2021 Day 2