Executive Dialogue – Future Mobility

Road vehicles represent almost three quarters of emissions for the transport sector; therefore, electric mobility solutions that are powered by renewable energy will be essential for meeting Paris Agreement targets. Despite strong market growth in electric vehicles amongst a few early adopters such as Nor- way and China, several challenges to widespread global adoption remain. This Executive Dialogue on ‘Future Mobility’ will discuss the enabling conditions that can support the e-mobility ecosystem, such as appropriate incentive structures to catalyze investment, that can support public-private partnerships, and spur innovative business models for deployment. In addition, the discussion will shed light on the gender dimensions of mobility infrastructure and services to reflect the differentiated use and needs of men and women.
Given the fragmented development of green transport solutions around the world, a harmonized approach to energy efficient roadmaps for the transport sector will be key for driving the widespread adoption of electric mobility. Roundtable 1 on ‘Green Transportation’ will explore the strategies necessary to address persistent market barriers, such as interoperability between charging networks, optimized tariff structures and the sustainable sourcing of batteries. Participants will discuss the key role of local authorities in driving momentum and translating high-level national plans into concrete and actionable results. The roundtable will also explore the importance of gender-responsive transportation roadmaps.
Innovative mobility solutions are often faced with a “chicken and egg” scenario. Markets cannot expand without sufficient charging infrastructure and charging infrastructure is slow to develop in the absence of a sizable market. Roundtable 2 on ‘Sustainable Mobility Solutions’ will explore the importance of fast-charging infrastructure in imbuing both investor and end-user confidence in electric mobility.
Drastic shifts in how and where people work, new technologies and greater participation of women in the workforce are shaping mobility demands and travel patterns, necessitating a corresponding shift in mobility planning to accommodate gender and age-specific requirements, whilst meeting sustainability targets. Thus, participants will also address the importance of considering gender dimensions when designing Sustainable Mobility Solutions for all.

Hourly Schedule

13.40 - 14.25
Roundtable I - Green Transportation.
14.25 - 15.10
Roundtable II - Sustainable Mobility Solutions.


Jul 07 2021


1:40 pm - 3:10 pm
Speakers VEF 2021 Day 2