Energy smart agri-food systems for climate action (FAO, IRENA, UNIDO, IAEA)

By 2050, feeding a global population of almost 10 billion will require a fundamental transformation in how food is produced, processed, traded and consumed. With the climate crisis accelerating, this transformation needs systemic and radical innovations to take place.  Sustainable energy access for all, at every stage of agrifood systems is a critical dimension of this transformation.  

30 % of all energy is consumed within the agrifood system and 33 % of the emissions from the agrifood systems are the result of energy use. With one-third of food lost or wasted during agrifood chain, much of this energy is subsequently wasted. At the same time, in much of the developing world, limited access to modern energy services in rural areas, severely limits food production. 

Renewable energy systems (e.g. solar irrigation) and energy efficient appliances (e.g. for cold storage) are already transforming agrifood system in many places. Considering rising costs of energy in recent years, as well as the need for energy security and energy diversification, increased efforts are urgently needed to scale-up deployment of these types of sustainable solutions. 

The session will present examples of good practices on how energy-smart agrifood systems are being put in place in order to improve energy access, energy efficiency, sustainability and decarbonization.   


Nov 02 2023


11:30 am - 1:00 pm