Energy access (SEforAll, CEEW)

Objectives of the workshop
The workshop aims to present the concept of energy access, the relevance to the SDG agenda and leading technologies and decentralized approaches to address this gap in the Global South. In presenting key concepts, data and case studies, the workshop will allow youth to brainstorm how to advance youth involvement in energy access solutions by:

  • Identifying the importance of energy access as a pillar of SDG7 and its relevance to the climate and energy agenda, as well as some of the key the current challenges and solutions that exist;
  • Analyzing the existing barriers that slow down the closing of energy access gaps, particularly surrounding youth involvement in energy access dialogues, projects, programmes and initiatives;
  • Contributing to the development of youth-driven solutions by helping youth to better understanding their role in moving the needle on the issue at hand, and the opportunities that can be explored to collaborate with the energy sector players for meaningful youth engagement in energy access challenges and solutions.


Oct 31 2023


9:00 am - 10:30 am

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