Energy, climate and development

Workshop Objectives:

  • Comprehending the Nexus: Participants will gain a basic understanding of the intricate relationships between energy, climate, and development, and how these dimensions interact and influence each other.
  • Identifying Challenges and Solutions: Participants will explore in their groups the current challenges faced by developing countries in achieving sustainable energy access and climate goals, through the example of Barbados. They will collaboratively explore identify practical solutions that can lead to transformative change.
  • Policy Recommendations: Explore what possible actionable policy recommendations tailored to a specific real-life case study, focusing on a developing country, Barbados. Address the country’s energy price challenges, dependence on energy imports, climate vulnerability, and the role of tourism in its economy.
  • Provide solutions: Based on the discussion, participants should arrive at a call to action directed to leaders or to other youth on the topic at hand.


Oct 31 2023


11:00 am - 12:30 pm