Zillay Mariam Sohail

Chief Executive Officer & Head of Research and Development, Green Team RDF INDHEN

Zillay completed her degree in Environmental Science in 2003 and since then has- worked in different capacities in the field of environment. In 2011, Zillay joined Waste Busters Рa renowned waste management company located in Lahore, Pakistan. This is when she started searching for various alternative solutions for waste treatment, disposal and management which resulted in an innovative solution to recover fuel from waste. Within a team of professionals, Zillay worked on the development of this innovation which finally lead to the successful introduction of the product RDF INDHEN achieving the desired results.

The Green Team RDF INDHEN is comprised of a group of professionals working in the field of waste handling in the past six years. The product RDF-INDHEN can be used as an alternative to coal and can reduce fuel consumption up to 70%. Our product addresses SMEs utilizing coal for energy consumption. As Pakistan is facing an energy crisis, this product aims to provide a sustainable solution.