Mr. Thomas Siebenbrunner

Thomas Siebenbrunner

Head of Sales & Marketing, Swimsol

Thomas Siebenbrunner is an expert on sustainable entrepreneurship and renewable energy. He serves as Head of Sales & Marketing at Swimsol, a supplier of solar energy solutions and pioneer in marine grade floating solar systems. Over the past years, he helped to grow Swimsol to become the leading solar provider in the Maldives, and to enter new markets in South-East Asia, Africa, and South America. He developed the world´s first commercial projects using floating solar technology at sea, enabling solar energy deployment on the ocean beyond the constraints of land scarcity. He has worked extensively on capacity building for renewable energy in small island development states (SIDS), and to facilitate financing to support the transition towards clean energy. Previously, Thomas worked on environmental policy and project management in Eastern Europe and Central Asia with UNDP and Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights, and co-founded the Vienna-based NGO Leila that promotes ideas of sustainable consumption and operates the first “sharing shop” in Austria.