Shahina Waheed

National Project Coordinator - GCIP Pakistan, UNIDO

As a development economist, Shahina Waheed has had a multidisciplinary career of working on gender responsive industrial value chains, sustainable livelihoods, enterprise development and workforce systems of innovative and creative sectors of the economy at the national and international levels. Building technical and entrepreneurial capacity of human resource and institutions has been the main focus of her work. She is an expert in developing modern analytical and benchmarking methods for creative sub-sectors of the formal industrial sectors of the economy. Her work mainly focuses on integrating micro, small and medium level enterprises, women entrepreneurs and other technical innovators of creative industries in the organized creative economy to maximize potential.

Currently, Shahina is working for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO) to promote innovations in clean energy technologies by using a cross-sectoral and multi-tiered approach to build sustainable and inclusive ecosystems for innovation and entrepreneurship in SMEs. The Programme focuses on enhancing emerging clean technology startups in Pakistan and strengthening the policy framework on innovation for SMEs, which encourages and nurtures gender sensitive start-ups in the sphere of clean technologies for developing creative economies.