Mr. Roberto Vigotti

Roberto Vigotti,

Secretary General

Renewable energy Solutions for Africa (RES4Africa)

Roberto Vigotti is the Secretary General of RES4Africa Foundation, a European think tank gathering 34 stakeholders from the clean energy value chain to accelerate Africa’s RE transition, supporting wider participation of private players in delivering investments. 

With a Master’s Degree in 1971 in Electrical Engineering, Roberto Vigotti spent 35 years in Enel power company R&D Division. Dealing with the most relevant international bodies in the renewable energy sector, during his career he was a delegate in the Renewable Working Party of IEA since 1989, where he was Chair for 12 years and started the PV TCP, and member of the Coalition for Action of IRENA.  

In  2012, he embarked on the RES4Africa adventure, to support a wider participation of private players in delivering investments in Africa. At RES4Africa, he coordinates a number of activities aimed at transforming Africa’s energy sector through public-private dialogue, market-driven analysis, training and capacity-building activities, and on-field projects.