Riya Mehta

Since the age of 16, Riya has been outspoken about sustainable development, and social justice issues stemming from her time as an intern at The Hospital for Sick Children. She recognized the struggles that Canadian youth need to face because of their race, sexuality or cultural background, It led her to speaking at EVOKE conference (hosted by IBM) on health insecurity children in developing countries Riya  joined UNITAR’s Youth Council as a representative of Canada to shed light on the Indigenous peeoples genocide and the necessary reconciliation efforts.. 

In addition, Riya’s campaign work with UN Women USA reached the attention of over 50 policy makers in the USA, and hundreds of citizens as she published articles and newsletters about threats to civil rights and social justice reform during the Trump presidency. She continued writing pieces for the Malala Fund’s publication called the Assembly and was part of their climate change campaigns, where she reached upwards of a 100 youth thanks to  connecting on journalistic activism. 

She became a student at the University of Toronto, on international relations and minority rights in the political landscape. Her reasons for approaching different activities vary, based on  her diverse interests. However, the foundation is built on giving others the privilege she experienced growing up in a respectful society. 

In return, Riya has not only gotten positive feedback and great friendships, but also benefited from mentorship from companies such as Google, IBM, and international organizations such as UN Women Generation Equality Program. She enjoys being on stage and sharing a story that’s not yet completed, but feels confident in inspiring others to speak up and be an activist in any way, shape or form.