Mr. Ramaness Parasuraman

Managing Director

Free the Seed

Ramaness is a passionate Greentrepreneur and is involved in the sustainable packaging business. He has an R&D laboratory and a factory in Malaysia, manufacturing biodegradable & compostable packaging products made from agro-biomass waste materials.

His extensive knowledge in materials engineering, especially in cellulose fiber materials, has made his passion into reality to mitigate climate change impact by eliminating the open-burning of agro-waste materials in Malaysia and value-add them into sustainable packaging products for the global market.

With his MBA and one-term adjunct professorship in a government University, he has successfully filed 2 patents in WIPO in 2012 for the cellulose fibers delignification novelty and enzymatic gratification novelty and has obtained PCTs for these two novelties. In addition, he has also filed his inventions in the National Phase Patent for the Great Britain territory. Further, Ramaness’ research thesis, “Cysteine Proteases from Carica Papaya” was successfully co-published in the reputable International Science Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences in March 2016.