Patvakan Hakhinyan

Business Development Manager, Tekhnolog/Vanadzor Technology Center

Patvakan was born in Yerevan in 1969 and received his Engineering researcher degree in Mechanical Engineering at the National Polytechnic University of Armenia. Patvakan has managed several engineering companies since 2002 and can demonstrate 20 years of experience in Mechanical engineering and is involved in about 15 national and international patent applications.

Since 2014, Patvakan is Business Development manager at Vanadzor Technology Center/ Enterprise Incubator Foundation. “Tekhnolog” is one of the teams that Patvakan supports. The innovation of “Tekhnolog” is based on new approaches to thermodynamic analysis of heat exchangers. A mock-up sample was made based on these calculations. It validated the results of analysis and provides 20-25% of fuel saving. The new concept can bring serious savings of fuel and will increase energy efficiency of heat exchanger devices.