Ms. Wendy Da Cruz

Ms. Wendy Da Cruz photo

Energy Management Expert

Wendy da Cruz is South African born and bred. She has been involved in management system consulting, training and auditing since the early 1990-ies, is one of the first successful graduates of the UNIDO EnMS Expert programme and is currently an International UNIDO EnMS Expert.

Her qualifications include a B. Sc. Chemistry and B Sc. Honours Biochemistry, with M.Sc. Certificate – Industrial Engineering – University of Stellenbosch.

Wendy has provided successful assistance to more than 50 organizations in their achievement of management system certification and accreditation, in fields of energy as well as environment and quality management.

Her EnMS exposure has included various industrial sectors, eg chemical, beverage, waste treatment, automotive, IT, plastics, aviation, sanitation. Wendy has participated in the UNIDO Energy General Meetings , Vienna, as the South African conformity assessment representative. She has also held lead auditor registration status since 1999.
Energy case studies of her clients reflect millions of kWh and rand savings.

Wendy’s EnMS training and facilitation experience includes EnMS introduction and expert level as well as Lead Auditor since 2012, delivered in South Africa, Ukraine and Kenya.

Among other energy management roles, Wendy serves on
• NCPC EnMS Technical Committee
• CEM EnMS Awards
• TC301 Technical committee

Wendy’s passion for systematic energy management is evident in her personal experience of energy performance improvement across a wide scope of organizations, and the associated positive financial, environmental and morale impacts.