Mr. Shuvajit Payne

Mr. Shuvajit Payne

Head of Education Dept., Barefoot College International

Shuvajit Payne, presently the Head of Education at Barefoot College International, is leading it’s child education initiatives with an exemplary quality digital education solution for remote rural underprivileged communities who are outside the ambit of electricity access or connectivity, with a unique curriculum around gender, environmental sustainability and rights and citizenship. The work is supported by Apple, Oracle, Microsoft and was recognized as one of the top solutions for teachers and educators globally in MIT Solve, 2019. His leadership in learning for children during COVID19 has been recognized with support from National Geographic society. 

Previously, Shuvajit has had a diverse career graph ranging from process management in MNCs, to M&E, ICT, programme strategy in non-profits, filmography as well travel photography. He graduated from IIM-Lucknow and Presidency College with qualifications in Management, Economics and Statistics. He was worked with corporates like IBM, Shell UK, CSR wings of SBI, Reliance and with non profits such as MS Swaminathan Research Foundation. 

Today, programmes that Shuvajit has undertaken with different NGOs and corporate foundations, such as the SBI Youth for India Fellowship, have achieved remarkable scale thereby authoring significant change at the grassroots. Shuvajit is recognized as one of the top 50 global educators as per The Varkey Foundation’s 2020 list.