Ms. Nanda Frances Bergstein

Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer

Camm Solutions 

Nanda Frances Bergstein is a seasoned executive with almost 20 years of experience in integrating environmental protection and human rights into the business landscape. She is a firm believer in the transformative power of entrepreneurship to co-solve the world’s most pressing challenges. Nanda emphasizes that achieving meaningful impact requires not only a transformation of business models, strategies, and processes but also the development of financial instruments to support their scaling. Crucially, these efforts must be bolstered by concrete coalitions involving political, economic, and civil society representatives.

Throughout her career, Nanda has put this multi-faceted approach into practice. In various leadership roles at Tchibo, a German Coffee and Non-Food retailer, she successfully integrated sustainability and human rights concerns into both business strategy and operations. For change on a systemic level, she built and spearheaded initiatives in the sharing economy (Tchibo Share), livelihood enhancement for small-holder farmers in the organic cotton and sustainable coffee sectors, as well as human rights in Non-Food factories (WE Program). She was also instrumental in negotiating the Fire and Building Safety Accord in Bangladesh as well as the Act on Living Wages initiative for the Textile Industry.

In her current role as a member of the leadership of Camm Solutions, Nanda is scaling a sustainable alternative to conventional plastics—a groundbreaking innovation with the potential to halve global plastic waste.