Ms. Jacqueline Cramer

Director, Utrecht Sustainability Institute

Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Cramer is professor in sustainable innovation at Utrecht University, strategic advisor of the Utrecht Sustainability Institute and member of the Amsterdam Economic Board, particularly in charge of the circular economy. Moreover, she is director of the consultancy firm ‘Sustainable Entrepreneurship; strategy and innovation consulting’.
Before she was Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment for the Labour Party (February 2007 – February 2010). Her background is primarily related to industry, working as a consultant for many years with more than 150 companies on the implementation of sustainable entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility. Moreover she worked as part-time professor since 1990.
She was and still is member of various (inter) national advisory boards of the government, industry and non-profit organisations. (e.g. previously crown member of the Dutch Social-Economic Council, member of the Advisory Board of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)/Netherlands, member of the non-executive board of Shell Netherlands and FMO (Finance for Development Bank and presently among others chairman of the Plastic Soup Foundation, Nudge and the ESCo (Energy Service Companies) Netherlands network).