Ms. Hajar Yagkoubi

Next Generation Keynote Speaker and Co-founder of Network 2100

Hajar is 23 years old and when she was 18 years old, she was elected through a public campaign, to be the UN Youth Representative for the Netherlands for a term of two years. In those two years, she got to roam classrooms, event locations, and also the dusty hallways of the United Nations. She worked on topics related to Human Rights and Security but also on issues related to the Climate Crisis, Polarization, and more than anything: Youth Participation.  

As a former UN Youth Representative Hajar has spoken to thousands of young people and is at the forefront of the sustainability, youth and human rights movements. She has led and continues to lead conversations on these topics with world leaders; such as PM Trudeau, PM Rutte, big corporations; such as KLM, ING and -of course- with her peers. 

As part of Network 2100, Hajar advocates for the inclusion of young people in (supervisory) boards of corporations. She is a bridge between the corporate world and her activistic-generation and advocates for ways in which firms can embody sustainability, climate action and a broad definition of prosperity. That we’re given an equal seat at the table in a meaningful way.