Ms. Alexis Eremia

Co-founder and Board Member

Impact Hub Vienna

Alexis Eremia is an expert practitioner in the realm of fostering inclusive and sustainable innovation at scale. She played a pivotal role in the founding and development of Impact Hub Vienna, a thriving ecosystem dedicated to positive change. This multifaceted endeavor encompasses deep dive labs, including the Climate Lab and Future Health Lab, as well as physical spaces, vibrant communities, and support programs that nurture innovation.

Simultaneously, Alexis served as a strategic advisor and entrepreneur in residence for esteemed international organizations such as WWF, EIT Climate KIC, UNIDO, and REEP. Her contributions are marked by a profound commitment to designing and implementing systems that empower entrepreneurship, innovation, and collaboration. Drawing from her background in finance, coupled with her extensive experience as an entrepreneur and manager, and a practical understanding of social systems, she is recognized for her daring approach, direct communication style, pragmatic problem-solving, and an unwavering focus on delivering tangible, positive impacts.