Ms. Abshiro Halakoe

Ms. Abshiro Halakoe photo

Senator of the Parliament of Kenya

Senator Abshiro Soka Halake is a nominated member of the 12th Parliament of Kenya focusing on the special interest of women and other vulnerable groups including; youth, people with disabilities and other marginalized groups. She is the vice chairperson, Senate Standing Committee on Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) and a member of the Senate Standing Committee on Energy as well as Delegated Legislation. She is currently the Chairperson for Centre for Multiparty Democracy Kenya (CMD-Kenya).

Senator Abshiro holds an MA in Business Administration and MS in Management and Organizational Development from the University of Cumbria and United States International University –Africa respectively. She also holds a BA in Education from Kenyatta University. She is a certified professional in strategy and balanced scorecard; executive coaching and international business development, trade policy analysis and marketing.

Senator Abshiro has an extensive experience in senior management of more than 15 years in various fields such as Humanitarian Response and Diplomacy; Grants Management; Conservation; International Trade and Investment; Strategy and Risks Management and Business Development. She has technical expertise in strategic management, planning and organizational development, development of strategic partnerships and collaborative networks for resource mobilization/leverage and collaborative implementation for sustainability. She has in-depth understanding of conservation, community mobilization and empowerment strategies for conservation business and social sector interventions in health, education entrepreneurship and micro-financing.