Mr. Fernando Cesar Ferreira

Executive Secretary Latin American Energy Organization - OLADE

Specialization: Support for energy development in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Ph.D. in Engineering (2003), Master of Engineering (1998), Economist (1989)
He worked for three years in the Brazilian energy sector. He was Senior Consultant of the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) in Brazil. He has experience in economics and financial technical regulation in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity areas.
Dr. Ferreira was former Director of Integration of OLADE, responsible for local coordinators and regional units; he performed activities related to Regional Integration in 27 Member Countries; he managed projects and studies; he coordinated information systems and training for the Member Countries of OLADE; he provided assistance to institutional relations with Ministries of Energy; and was responsible for coordinating the activities of the Sub-regional Offices in Central American and the Caribbean.