Mr. Eduardo M. Lora

Mr. Eduardo M. Lora photo

Founder & President, LATAM Bioenergy

Eduardo Lora, Founder & CEO of LatAm BioEnergy™.
Eduardo was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. He founded LatAm BioEnergy™ over a decade ago and used his banking and financial training in Wall Street to become a Clean Energy Entrepreneur. He has developed a multi-disciplinary team specializing in finance, physics, organic chemistry, material science, industrial processes, industrial programming and automation, artificial intelligence and climate change, with the objective of creating a practical solution to tackle the fossil fuel carbon footprint emitted, as well as the high energy cost consumed by food processing facilities in Latin America. His company has created a Compact Clean Energy District (“CCED”) based on its proprietary autonomous gasification solution that uses a very ample spectrum of biomass as its fuel for thermal, power generation and co-generation applications. His company has successfully run CCEDs in the Dominican Republic and Argentina.