Mr. Akash Agarwal


New Leaf Dynamic Technologies

Akash Agarwal (CEO) is working to fill gaps in cold chain of developing countries. Akash has built an ecosystem for utilization of cold room from farm to fork. This includes supporting agri-value chain through end-user financing, market linkages, technology fit and crop storage advisory. Till date, we have installed 150+ biomass powered cold rooms in India, Thailand and Kenya.

An upcoming Energy and Agriculture sector, has given a new set of challenges for my organization. This led to development of patented biomass powered refrigeration technology for cold storages, ripening chamber and pre-cooler to reduce post-harvest losses in food supply chain. The technology is one of a kind solution available in the world to store fruits, vegetables, flowers, milk and seafood without grid power and diesel generating set; used for building end-to-end cold chain. Large number of underprivileged farmers have earned 2x – 5x return on their agriculture and horticulture produce using our cold storage solution.

With Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from University of Utah, USA; he has been happily contributing to engineering and building market for cold storage solutions. New Leaf has applied for 2 patents and authored a paper in Science Direct, Elsevier Journal and received more than 15 National and International awards in last 5 years.