Martin Fritz Ackermann

Chief Financial Officer, Thevia

Martin holds a BSc Actuarial and Financial Mathematics and a BCom Business Management from the University of Pretoria and an MBA (cum laude) from INSEAD in France. Martin consulted for McKinsey & Company for five years, with a core focus on operations transformations. In 2014 Martin became a full time entrepreneur when he became a 50% partner in the Scavenger Manufacturing group.

Thevia is a winner of the Cleantech Global Forum and received the green building prize for their development of the Thevia rooftile. The tiles are made of crusher discard and recycled plastic and consist to 99.4% of waste material. The tiles are twice as strong as a normal concrete tile, not brittle and a quarter the weight. A roof built with Thevia tiles will be at least 10% cheaper than a roof built with normal concrete tiles.