Mark Draeck

Industrial Development Officer, UNIDO

Mark Draeck joined UNIDO Headquarters in Vienna in 2010 as an Industrial Development Officer in the Department of Energy, and currently manages a project portfolio of over US$ 30M in clean technology innovation for climate change mitigation and adaptation in Africa, Asia, Europe and Central Asia. He holds a Master in Biological Sciences and an additional degree in Environmental Management and has over 18 years of experience in the field of renewable energy, carbon reduction and climate change mitigation projects and programmes around the world.

Mark’s current countries of operation include India, Armenia, Albania, Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine, Ivory Coast, Madagascar and Sudan. He also acts as the UNIDO Focal Point for Clean Energy for Migration, and Sustainable Cities.

Before joining UNIDO, Mark worked as an Energy Policy Advisor in the public sector in Brussels, Belgium, and as a Carbon Group Manager in the private sector in London, UK.