Hari Rao

Chief Executive Officer, Agnisumukh

Hari Rao a postgraduate in Business Management & Commerce is an expert in radiant heat gas fuel applications with a patented technology. While standardizing Indian recipes in his kitchen backyard he innovated an energy efficient burner system driven by LPG, Natural Gas and Bio-Gas.

He has won awards from GCIP, IIGP, CTIPFAN and CII for his innovation. His journey in GCIP was of an aspirant, a judge, a mentor and currently the International Ambassador for the year 2018. Hari Rao is the only civil servant from India who has won national and international awards for his research on radiant heat burners driven by multi-gas fuel.

He has developed applications on product ranging from clean cookstoves to steam boilers where the business activity covers fifteen out of seventeen SDG of UN Agenda – 2030 in “Transforming Our World”. Cooking the most amazing food, and feeding everyone with love, is his dream.