Emilie Schretlen

Emilie Schretlen is a motivated and curious student with a strong interest in sustainability. She is very concerned about the changing climate, and wants to do as much as possible to make this planet liveable for both present and future generations. Currently she is in the second year of the Master’s programme Energy Science at Utrecht University (Netherlands). This two-year master’s programme is aimed at students with a background in science or engineering who want to play a role in the transition towards sustainable energy systems. It perfectly fits her interests and goal in life: accelerating the energy transition, worldwide. She believes this is only possible when countries listen to each other, and even more important, learn from each other.

In March she started writing her thesis about bio-ethanol. She is combining it with an internship at the Energy Technologies and Industrial Applications Division of UNIDO. She hopes she can contribute to the development of a sustainable and future-proof energy system. Not only in the western world, but everywhere.