Dennis Pamlin

Senior Advisor, Research Institute Sweden

Dennis Pamlin is an entrepreneur and founder of 21st Century Frontiers. His main skill is work with companies, governments and NGOs as a strategic economic, technology and innovation advisor in the area of disruptive sustainability. His background is in engineering, industrial economy and marketing.

He is a Senior Associate at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a senior advisor at RISE, a visiting research fellow at the Research Center of Journalism and Social Development at Renmin university, advisor to Centre for Sustainable Development at Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and accelerator of digital sustainability/net-positive at Cybercom.

Current work includes work to establish a global trend assessment tool to support sustainable disruption, a framework for companies, organisations and cities to measure and report their avoided emissions (climate positive), exploring the impact of our “digital twins” and development of tools that allow public procurement to support transformative sustainable solutions. He is also engaged in the development and implementation of the concept “ecological civilisation”.