Davit Gharibyan

Project Manager, Energy Globe

Davit graduated with a degree in radio engineering at the National Polytechnic University of Armenia and at the same time attended the School for Young Leaders which enabled him to take his first steps in starting his career in the field of technology and leadership. Currently, Davit is the CEO of Energy Globe which is a new Cleantech start-up within the renewable energy sector.

Energy Globe provides an innovative set-up of solar power plants, based on globe-shaped panels, increasing system efficiency up to 40% in comparison with flat plate solar panels. Furthermore, battery systems are incorporated in a smart system design keeping the batteries protected from pollution. In 2016, Energy Globe won several start-up competitions such as the Innovative Business Ideas Generation and Entrepreneurship Training Course in Armenia. In that same year, Energy Globe took part in the Global CleanTech Innovation Programme. Furthermore, the team was selected as the national winners of the Climate Launch Pad 2016 and were given the chance to pitch in the European final in Tallinn later that year.