Corinne Jean Greyling

Founder, Coco's Solutions

Corinne is a PhD polymer scientist, graduated from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa in 2010. She leads industrial research in materials science at the local power utility, Eskom, specifically on hot gas filtration textiles and polymeric high voltage insulation for the past 10 years. Corinne was appointed as an associate professor at a local university of technology, CPUT, in 2013 to conduct research on industrial textiles and nanotechnologies for water treatment before setting up Coco’s Solutions.

Coco’s Solutions develops and sells specialized coatings for the high voltage electrical industry. The coatings based on a 3-D nano-structured surface are super-hydrophobic, self-cleaning and anti-icing. The coated insulators and conductors have been independently evaluated by laboratories in the US, Sweden, Russia and South Africa, and have been shown to outperform any potential competitor products. LOI’s are available from Lapp Insulators in Germany for in-house coating of insulator bushings. The AI coating is a passive solution and provides a massive energy saving in comparison with active anti-icing techniques. The company is raising funds of $1M pre full-scale start-up.