Christoph Frei

Secretary General, World Energy Council

Christoph Frei became WEC’s fifth CEO & Secretary General in April 2009. He has lead the further development of the world-renowned London-based organisation by strengthening its policy and strategic insight processes, including WEC’s on-going World Energy Scenarios. Under Christoph’s leadership WEC has achieved that the WEC’s annual Trilemma report has become a reference for governments in many of WEC’s over 90 member countries, for the UN, the Clean Energy Ministerial and, in policy discussions with Multilateral Development Banks.

He is also a Professor at the Swiss Federal Technical Institute in Lausanne and a member of the board of the energy blockchain focused Energy Web Foundation. Prior to joining WEC, Christoph was a member of the Executive Council of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its Senior Director in charge of Energy.

Christoph received his PhD es sc. from EPFL. He holds a diploma in electrical engineering and Master’s degrees in energy economics & management, in econometrics, and in applied ethics. His publications cover fields including energy scenarios, energy & climate policy, global energy governance, energy-water nexus, energy access and the future of utilities.