Cemil Cihan Ozalevli

Team Leader, TYT Energy

Cemil Cihan Ozalevli graduated from METU Mechanical Engineering in 2010. He then began his Masters degree in Solar Energy at METU Mechanical Engineering and did research on fuel cells at Purdue University. In 2011, while working as a Mechanical Design Engineer at Roketsan, Cemil met with Young Guru Academy (YGA) and was appointed as Renewable Energy Project Leader and Project Consultant for Technovation Projects. He joined the YGA USA Leadership Camp in 2013 and founded the company TYT operating under YGA Ventures. The geothermal-concentrated Solar Hybrid System Project led by Cemil, became one of the first 10 entries in the MIT Innovators of the Year competition. Since 2012, he takes up the position as the founding CEO at TYT Energy.

TYT, founded in 2011, is a technology and R&D company working on solar power systems, aiming to produce innovative projects. With a vision of a better world, TYT produces hybrid renewable energy systems for solar-oriented companies wishing to invest in renewable energy. The company develops more efficient energy producing systems with a lower investment cost, which can be integrated into existing systems. In the past 4 years, TYT has focused on Floating Solar Systems and has implemented Turkey’s fist floating solar system in 2014. TYT’s system was also a world first of it’s type built in a Hydropower Plant’s reservoir.