Baraah Alsardi

Baraah Alsardi holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering degree from JUST university in Jordan. She works for the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources  since 2018. As part of the technical team in the planning department Baraah took part in writing  reports that review the Energy sector in Jordan in the technical and political contexts. Based on the results, she  provided recommendations to upper management. One of her responsibilities included edit, review and assess results of the following reports regarding Energy sector in Jordan: 

  • EIRA assessment report, 
  • WEC Jordan profile, 
  • Energy Transition Index (by Energy charter, WEF), 
  • Jordan Status report (by Economic & Social Council of Jordan).

Baraah was also involved in providing statistical overview and understanding for Energy indicators in the above mentioned reports. Based on the data, she provided recommendations about opportunities and potential threats the Jordan Energy sector is facing..