Alois Posekufa Mhlanga

Industrial Development Officer, UNIDO

Alois Mhlanga is an Industrial Development Officer in the Department of Energy at UNIDO  with profound experience in developing and implementing energy and climate change projects in Africa and Asia. Having a background in physics, renewable energy technologies, financing and climate change, he began his career as a research engineer with the Southern Centre for Energy and Environment in Zimbabwe in 1999. He worked on energy and climate change projects financed by international organizations including the World Bank, UNDP, UNIDO, UNEP, UNFCCC, etc. In 2002, he became a part-time lecturer for the Master’s of Renewable Energy course at the University of Zimbabwe. In 2004, he joined the African Development Bank working on energy projects with a particular focus on renewable energy. In the Bank he helped develop strategies on renewable energy and climate change that include the Clean Energy Investment Framework. During his tenure with the African Development Bank, Alois was also actively involved in mainstreaming gender into the Bank’s projects. In 2007, he joined UNIDO working on renewable energy and climate change projects in Africa and Asia. Among others, he was responsible for the creation of ECREEE. Mr. Mhlanga is a member of the UNIDO’s Gender Mainstreaming Committee which is responsible for mainstreaming gender into UNIDO’s projects and programmes.