Adam Nabie

Adam Nabie obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Florida Atlantic University, a Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management and Master of Psychology (abt) at The Pennsylvania State University. Currently, he is completing his master’s thesis at the Vienna University of Economics and Business in Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy. In addition to a diverse academic background, Adam has varied experiences in business operations and management – with a focus on sustainability and non-profit organizations in recent years. Having worked in the USA, Austria, Morocco, and Tanzania, he has a particular skill for understanding nuance and cultural context – creating and developing with organizations to create holistic but realistically adaptable and implementable solutions and projects.

During his time as a consultant in Tanzania and in Austria, he met with many like-minded young individuals who wanted to make a difference in the world from their perspectives. As a result, he founded the non-profit organization Prana Global Community Consulting in 2020 to support and assist NGOs and social businesses in the global south with organizational processes and proposals to increase their longevity of work they carry out on the ground for various causes. 

Currently, Adam is interning at UNIDO in the Energy Systems and Infrastructure Division – focusing on the Gender & Energy Compact. As a member of the Youth Advisory Group, he aims to aid in expanding the visibility of youth and amplifying their voices. In his spare time, Adam is a classically trained Bharathanatyam artist and likes learning random facts about history, languages, and people.