Youth brings fresh perspective to VEF 2021

The Vienna Energy Forum (VEF) 2021 brought young people’s voices to the forefront of the energy transition. With more than 870 participants, the first-ever “Youth for VEF” championed youth mainstreaming to accelerate a just, inclusive and sustainable energy transition. When it comes to inclusiveness, the event reached gender parity among the 70 featured speakers.  

Hosted together with SDG7 Youth Constituency, Youth for VEF featured a variety of interactive sessions, including debates, meet an expert sessions, quizzes, workshops, virtual tours and panel discussions on issues such as reaching net-zero with youth, green skills for youth in the energy sector and youth advocacy for the energy transition. One workshop was dedicated to girls’ access to finance in energy.  The entire event was designed for and by youth and responded to the needs of young people. 

Building on the experience and results of the very first Youth for VEF, a Youth Advisory Group was launched to create a Guidebook on best practices for successful youth engagement in the context of energy, climate change and industrial development. 

We are working closely with the Youth Steering Committee on an unforgettable programme to engage with youth, amplify their voices and empower them to take an active role in the energy transition at the 2023 edition. 

Relive the key moments

Watch more videos on our YouTube channel.

Watch more videos on our YouTube channel.

June 15, 2023