Workshop IV: Impact

Objectives of the workshop
During this workshop, participants are tasked with finding solutions for advancing green industrialization and sustainable energy value chains and optimizing their impact.

  • Identify: What are barriers, problems, opportunities, threats?
  • Analyze: What are the reasons for these barriers, is there a broader connection to related problems? Also think about how this topic affects you (the participant) on a personal level and as a group. Where do you see your role in the solution of this problem?
  • Provide solutions: Formulate a call to action statement (1-2 pages) to be presented at the IVECF.

The role of facilitators is (a) to offer expert insight (b) to guide and moderate the workshop with the objective to develop a call for action by youth delegates to policy makers.


Oct 30 2023


4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

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