Towards Zero Carbon Industry Futures

The industry sector accounts for a significant proportion of global primary energy use. There are a number of possible pathways for decarbonising industry- a)energy efficiency and benchmarking b) Renewables – solar , biomass, wind applications for industrial utility systems c) Next Generation Industrial Processes d) Carbon Capture and Utilisation e) Recycling, Circular economy While the focus on energy transitions has been predominantly focussed on the electricity and transport sectors there is an untapped potential for decarbonising industry’s energy use patterns. IIASA will present results of global scenarios to illustrate the benefits of and impacts of deep decarbonisation scenarios. IIT Bombay will illustrate examples of case studies, technologies for each of these pathways from industries like steel, cement, textiles and Small and Medium Enterprises. A panel of industry experts and researchers will be asked to comment on these presentations and help identify what needs to be done to enable the transition.

The focus of this workshop will be to illustrate possible low carbon futures for global industry, highlight some of the best practices and technologies available with examples from India and Europe. The workshop will discuss the barriers and possible global interventions that can enable a zero carbon transition for industry.



Jul 07 2021


10:30 am - 11:30 am
Indian Insitute of Techology Bombay


Indian Insitute of Techology Bombay