Test event to test the new feature

We’ve implemented an option to add a link to the schedule.

Go to Event Details block on the event page in the admin.

Select Hourly schedule tab.

Click Add Day . Give the day a title and add your schedule.

Add time, title, description and a link to another event (if it’s already created). If you want the event to be opened in a new window, leave a tick in the New window checkbox. If you want it to be open in the same window, leave the checkbox empty.

Publish or Save  the changes on the event.

One the front, you will see a More info link next to the title. The text of the link can be changed, let me know what it needs to say.



Hourly Schedule

New Day

6 - 9
best title ever
it will be the best event ever
5 - 7
that's a fun website
7 - 9
solar eclipse
9 - 3
lunch time


Jun 10 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


a pdf file with a report