Transforming energy systems: The quest for fair, fast and feasible solutions (IIASA)

To counter the climate crisis, we need to transform, to fundamentally change, our energy systems. Such energy system transformations must be fair, fast, and feasible. Fair transformations ensure moral legitimacy and widespread support for policies. Fast transformations are needed to avoid a further escalation of climate crisis. Lastly, transformation strategies must be feasible and consider technological and societal limitations.

The session kicks off with a presentation of the latest climate mitigation scenarios that provide more feasible transformation strategies, considering technological and societal limitations (e.g., the speed of technology scale-up and governance capacities). Subsequently, barriers and enablers of fast transformations are presented and discussed with experts from the fields of climate mitigation, policymaking, and philosophy.

Then, join us for the launch of the interactive web-based application INCLISA (Interactive Climate Scenario App), that explores what fair transformations may look like. Participants will be the first to use INCLISA to reflect upon their personal preferences for one out of several interpretations of fairness and to inform the next generation of energy system models. Based on expert input, the results and implications for transformations are jointly discussed. Don’t miss this unique chance to shape the narratives of our energy future!

Opening presentation by Elina Brutschin, Research Scholar, Transformative Institutional and Social Solutions Research Group Energy, Climate, and EnvironmentIIASA


Keith Williges, Institute of Philosophy at Graz University and the Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change
Karl Scheifinger, Researcher, Integrated Assessment and Climate Change Research Group Energy, Climate, and Environment, IIASA
Larissa Jane H. Houston, ClimLaw at the University of Graz


Nov 02 2023


3:00 pm - 3:55 pm