Micro-Grids Bringing Mega Change

The session will address the changes that are brought to the energy sector by deployment of micro-grids in developing and developed countries. The Swedish Energy Agency will present their vision of the role of smart- and micro-grids in the future development of the energy industry worldwide while the industry experts will share their experience in this field.

The energy industry and utility companies will change in the next 10 years like never before. One of the revolutionary trends is that large, centralized, energy production facilities will be replaced by a network of distributed power solutions supplying energy to the smart grid. Such a network of decentralized energy solutions will have virtually zero transmission losses and will offer tremendous stability. The essential part of this energy system transition is the construction and integration of micro-grids. And it’s not often that an energy system is so versatile: micro-grids are helping rural African communities rise out of poverty, while at the same time supporting the work of some of the world’s most sophisticated research universities and data centers in the U.S.

Today’s micro-grids are the culmination of the energy improvements and innovation of the last 30 years.  They include renewables, combine heat and power, district energy, smart grid software and systems management, energy storage, energy efficiency and demand response. It’s easy to see why micro-grids are such an attractive yet complicated part of the energy sector.

docum: Sigvald – Harryson – “How Swedish Technology Contributes to Smarter and More Sustainable Microgrids Across the Globe”, Olof Hallström – “Pamoja – MicroGrid Concept for Emerging Markets Smart Grid Energy Solution for Remote Locations”, Albana Ilo – “‘Link’ Provides the Paradigm Shift for the Power Grid, M. Maxine Ghavi – Microgrid Solutions: Providing Resilient and Cost-Effective Access to Power”, Session Summary


May 10 2017


9:30 am - 11:00 am


Conference Room 5 (C Building, 7th floor), Vienna International Centre