Meeting Energy Goals by 2030. What Needs to Happen?

There has to be a global effort to reach the SDG7 goal of sustainable energy. But what is the way forward? Drawing from the new Global Tracking Framework 2017 and the recent rollout of RISE (Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy), this session will take an in-depth look at progress on sustainable energy around the world, and identify priorities in the coming years.

The Global Tracking Framework, now in its third edition, is a global dashboard that makes it possible to monitor global, regional and national progress towards the 2030 objectives for sustainable Energy.

The newly launched RISE (Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy) is a policy scorecard of unprecedented depth and breadth covering the three pillars of energy access, energy efficiency and renewable energy in 111 countries worldwide.

docum: Elisa Portale – “Sustainable Energy for All Global Tracking Framework”, GTF and RISE Website Slides, Vivien Foster – “Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy: A Scorecard for Policy Makers


May 09 2017


9:30 am - 11:00 am


Conference Room 1 (C Building, 2nd floor), Vienna International Centre