Measuring Access to Modern Cooking Energy: Developing a Monitoring Framework to Measure Access to Modern Cooking Energy Services

Ensuring universal access to energy (SDG7) includes the facilitation of access to modern cooking energy services. Concerted efforts are made to improve the cooking energy sector worldwide and to provide the 3 billion people still cooking with traditional and inefficient stoves and ovens with cleaner and more efficient cooking systems.

To measure and monitor access to energy, World Bank (WB) and partners have designed a Multi-Tier Framework (MTF) as universal tracking tool. Cooking energy however is largely available, but quality and impacts are the main challenge. Measuring the quality of access to modern cooking services hence requires plausible, reasonable and measurable indicators and attributes. The current set of MTF attributes (health, stove efficiency, quality of fuel, safety, convenience, affordability and availability) and its application is still under discussion. WB, the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Energising Development Partnership (EnDev) and the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (Alliance) are jointly engaged to develop a harmonized version of the multi-tier framework for measuring access to modern cooking energy services.

This side-event deals with the challenge to harmonize the different methodologies currently applied and to define a universally applicable, robust monitoring framework to measure progress of access to modern cooking energy services. The main stakeholders present their approaches and discuss the possibilities for refining the MTF. The refinement of the MTF will reflect the EnDev Cooking Energy System evaluation approach, the discourse on the ISO standards and guidelines for clean cooking as promoted by the Alliance as well as the WHO methodologies manifested in the SDG 7 indicator.

docum: Session Summary, Carsten Hellpap – “Developing a Modern Framework to Measure Access to Modern Cooking Energy Services, Dana Rysankova – “Measuring Access to Modern Cooking Energy”, Heather Adair-Rohani – “Measuring Access to Clean Household Energy”


May 09 2017


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Andromeda Tower (SEforAll, 15th floor)
Andromeda Tower (SEforAll, 15th floor)